Private terraces

The Monaco racetrack uniquely transforms the city for the time of one weekend each year, with a host of different ways to experience the thrilling spectacle. The many apartments, offices and hotel rooms alongside the track become hospitality venues offering exceptional views of the race. Incentive Concept selects the Principality's very best terraces for you, providing the highest standards of visibility and service to satisfy the most discerning clients.

  • Start/finish line: Albatros, Shangri-la, Heracles, Hirondelle, Majestic, Caravelles, Bristol, Ermanno, price start from 900€ up.

  • Sainte-Dévote: Panorama, price start from 250€ up.

  • Ostende: Prince, Beaurivage, price start from 580€ up.

  • Fairmont Hairpin, price start from 700€ up.

Our terraces offer a variety of different capacities and can be booked exclusively for your group or on a shared basis. Whichever option you choose, we guarantee an intimate and private atmosphere for you and your guests.

From a private terrace for six people to a roof terrace for over a hundred, we have something to suit every requirement.

We also put together special weekend packages, designed to let you experience the Grand Prix in different ways. You could, for example, watch qualifying from the terrace on Saturday, then take in Sunday's race action from a yacht.

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Yachts Charters

En quart 05

Choose your yacht and enjoy all the glamor of F1 Monaco Grand Prix. In tune with the action, you're in the front row from the deck of your yacht. Gourmet lunch and unlimited champagne for a luxurious stay.


Club F1

Club F1

Our Club F1 occupies the Princess Grace Dance Academy and offers 800m2 of luxury hospitality over the Ste Devote corner. F1 simulator, health spa, large selection of wines and champagne, chefs DALLOYAU…



En quart 01

Our terraces offer exceptional views of the circuit, up to 70% of the visible track! Strategically placed in particular on the starting line, you will overhang the port and receive a VIP hospitality by our hostess.